TRIGLOW LED Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

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Add a splash of color to your kitchen or bathroom with this color changing light water faucet!

Installation is easy. Simply remove the strainer and replace it with our TRIGLOW LED Temperature Controlled Faucet Light. You're done! You don't need any batteries either, the color is powered by water pressure.

The TRIGLOW changes color depending on the water temperature:

Color Temperature
Blue Below 86°F/30°C
Green Between 87°F - 105°F (31°C - 40°C)

Above 106°F/40°C

Aside from the aesthetics, temperature sensing faucet also helps in seeing if the water is too hot. It's ideal if you have children or elderly at home, it'll stop them from burning themselves!

Transform the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light today, add to cart now!

How to Use:

- Take off net from tap screw thread.
- Install LED faucet screw thread.
- Use an adapter screw thread if it doesn't fit (universal adapter not included)

Detailed Specification:

- Case Material: ABS
- LED Colors: Blue, Green, Red
- Internal Diameter: 0.6"
- External Thread Diameter: 0.86"
- Dimensions: 32*22mm

Package Includes:

1 x TRIGLOW LED Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

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