Snake Magic Cube

Enjoy countless hours of fun with this Magic Cube puzzle toy!

Twist it, shape it, solve it!

The exciting Snake Magic Cube forms into thousands of different shapes for endless fun and imaginative play!

It creates the perfect challenge to relieve boredom around the house or on long journeys. Develop your mind and work your creativity by creating shapes or solving the puzzles!
This wonderful toy not only offers plenty of fun but can help to reduce stress and improve concentration. Focus on your Snake Magic Cube for hours. It’s an ideal way to keep children occupied without them spending too long on video games or watching tv!

Choose from a range of bright, colourful designs, in red, blue or yellow with black, or red, blue or yellow with white.

The Snake Magic Cube makes an ideal present and is great for keeping children entertained, or why not treat yourself?

Package Includes:

1 x 24 Segment Snake Magic Cube