Novelty Heat Resistant Spoon Pad

Are you a keen home cook who hates having nowhere to place their spoons while making dinner? 🥄🍳🥄

Our Novelty Heat Resistant Spoon Pad will brighten your kitchen while providing a safe and convenient cradle for your spoons.

🔥🔥🔥 Made of high-quality high-grade silicone, the mat is large enough to hold any of your cooking utensils, preventing you burning your worktops or getting them dirty. The silicone wipes clean easily and is heat resistant. Choose from a variety of bold colors that will brighten your kitchen, or get a whole range so that you always have one to hand!

Important Information:

- Thermal Insulation, Non-Slip Waterproof
- Material: Food Grade Silicone
- Dimension: 7.86 * 3.93 * 0.79" (200 * 100 * 20mm)

Package Includes:

1 x Novelty Heat Resistant Spoon Pad