Lord's Prayers Bullet Necklace

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Add some style to your outfit with this Lord’s Prayer Bullet Necklace!

This durable, stylish, bullet necklace made from high quality stainless steel, features the traditional Lord’s Prayer carved around the exterior, along with the Christian cross and a bible. Combined with a simple t-shirt and jeans, this simple piece of jewelry can provide all the style statement you need.

Choose from three available colors; white silver, classic matte black, or shiny gold.

Whether you’re a religious Christian or not, or perhaps have a passion for hunting or a penchant for bullet pendants, this Lord’s Prayer Bullet Necklace can make an ideal gift or fashion accessory.

Important Information:

- Material: Stainless Steel
- Chain Length: 21.6" (550mm)
- Bullet Length: 1.65" (42mm)
- 3 Colors Available: Silver, Gold, Matte Black

Package Includes:

1 x Lord's Prayers Bullet Necklace