Soft Kitty Paw Paw Half Finger Gloves

Unleash your inner feline with these incredibly Soft Kitty Paw Paw Half Finger Gloves. The soft, furry design keeps your hands purr-fectly warm during the long, cold winters, while also ensuring you have a smile on your face. With the half-finger design, the gloves won't stop you from using your mobile phone, finding change in your pocket or anything else that requires more precise action.

Our cat mittens are available in six colors, so you can match your pet or buy a pair in each color to complement your outfit for the day.


Important Information:

Dimensions: One-Size 7.1" x 5.1" (18 x 13cm)
Colors: Black, Grey, Dark Chocolate, Khaki, Coffee, Beige

Product Includes:

1 x Soft Kitty Paw Paw Half Finger Gloves