Glamor Chocolate Stiletto Mold

If you're looking for an elegant design to finish your pastries or desserts, then look no further!

Use our chocolate stiletto mold to create life-sized chocolate heels. Whether you're baking for someone who loves chocolate or shoes (or both!), then this will definitely make their day!

Being heat resistant, the chocolate mold is very easy to use and wash. To use, simply pour the hot chocolate in and let it set. To wash, just use boiling water.

How to Use:

The shoe mold comes in two sides, seal them together using the clippers provided. Pour hot chocolate into the mold and spread evenly by rotating it around. Wait for the chocolate the set, remove the clippers and you'll be left with a beautiful chocolate heel for your cake.

Important Information:

- Heat resistant up to 120°C / 248°F
- 100% food grade plastic
- Don't use it in an oven or microwave

Package Includes:

1 x Glamor Chocolate Stiletto Mold
2 x Clippers (to seal the mold together when you use it)