Adjustable Soldering Iron

The perfect solution for all hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts!

The 60W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron with 5pcs Solder Tips comes with everything you need to learn how to solder!

Integrated with all the required functions to ensure you can do a good job, the Adjustable Soldering Iron is ideal for both repairing equipment such as electronic devices, circuit boards, RC toys and more, or letting your creativity run wild on your very own projects!

Finish your projects quickly and easily and according to your needs. You don’t need a soldering station, you simply plug this in and get to work! The soldering iron features an adjustable temperature setting between 200-450°C so you can tailor it specifically to the job at hand. Simply alter it using the knob wheel on the soldering iron.

In addition to this, you’ll find five different easy-to-fit tips for your soldering iron, so you can adjust to get the best solder every time.

The 60W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron makes an ideal present for any hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts this Christmas. Why not surprise your loved one this Christmas?

How to Use:

- Clean the area you're going to join.
- Clean soldering iron tip and "tin" all faces of tip with a coating of solder.
- Heat area (not solder).
- Apply solder to the heated area (not the soldering tip), and heat it until the solder melts and flows freely.

Important Information:

- Voltage: 100V
- Power: 60W
- Temperature Range: 392 - 752°F (200 - 400°C)
- Solder Length: 8.6" (22cm)
- Cable Length: 59" (150cm)

Package Includes:

1 x Adjustable Soldering Iron
1 x User Manual